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On the Cusp
by Philip Brown

SPECIAL BONUS SECTION: On the Cusp includes the first three and a half chapters of the author’s new astro-mystery novel, Wall Ride!In this book based on a series of blogs that was written just as Pluto was preparing to enter Capricorn, Philip Brown brings to life our world on the cusp of a momentous transformation. Explore how the lens of astrology can be used to look at science, books, movies, and the world around us. How does astrology relate to modern neuroscience, robotics, and mobile technology? How can astrology help us make sense of a discordant world? Using illustrations from his own life, as well as news and people in the world around us, the author applies both Western and Vedic astrology to take the reader on a trip across the rapidly transforming cultural landscape. The author explores timeless reflections on topical events through astrology, capturing the astrological zeitgeist while still maintaining a focus on the bigger picture. On the Cusp also includes exclusive new forecasts for trends to expect with Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces.As a special added bonus, On The Cusp contains the first twenty pages of the author’s new astro-mystery, Wall Ride. One of the main characters is a Tarot card reader and the story includes astrological symbolism as a clue in a baffling death. The narrator of Wall Ride is a fourteen year-old girl skateboarder who stands on the cusp of a life-altering discovery and personal transformation. The book should be available in Spring, 2011.

The Doll Blogs
by Debbie Behan Garrett

To serve the doll-collecting community, particularly avid Black-doll enthusiasts, Ms. Garrett continues to write about the dolls she loves. In this, her third doll publication, dolls, both old and new, blog their experiences over a two-year period as chosen dolls in Garrett’s extensive and quite eclectic Black-doll collection.If you love dolls, possess a vivid imagination, and enjoy combining the two, you will derive great pleasure reading The Doll Blogs, another first for Debbie Behan Garrett. Garrett takes the reader on an imaginative voyage in doll-collecting world where she meets and greets new dolls, reacquaints herself with old ones, and continues the passion for all as a doll whisperer, allowing the dolls to speak through her. The dolls (some more vocal than others, with personalities all their own) find delight in telling their unique stories, sharing their experiences, and relaying how they entered Garrett’s collection.This first book devoted to dolls that speak in blog form is masterfully engaging, a sure delight.

The Zodiac Recipe
by Jacquelyn Wiersma

A simple and fun reference guide that offers up delicious self-insight options from historical and modern tools such as astrology, numerology, personality profiles and more.

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