When you find a 13, 14, 16, or 19 in your numerology chart, these are known as Karmic numbers. People usually cringe when they see at least one of these numbers in a chart. However here is how you might consider it: In general, our charts suggest karma. One could dig deeper into numerology and argue that–for instance–the 5 Life Path lived a past life where they had been intolerant, bias, and fearful and so they opted into this life with the 5 Life Path in order to learn the valuable lessons of freedom, fearlessness, and endurance as the plan of study selected as the focal point this time around. We could detect this as a blueprint for each of the Life Path numbers.

Nevertheless the Karmic numbers give a specific indicator there have been infractions in previous lives–so if you know what these infractions have been, this understanding could be amazingly powerful. This is a means to comprehend why you may have intensified issues in certain key places. This is also a means to appreciate even more so if you have “paid” your debt. Meaning, if you can state: “Wow, I used to have a great deal of issues in this area and I really don’t anymore. I’ve come to terms with this aspect of my life or my behaviour.” If numerology resonates with you, knowing that you are paying off a particular Karmic debt can hold out a way to embrace the issues you’ve experienced–and perhaps continue to encounter. Knowing the vital components to your Karmic lesson or debt provides specific points of reference for one to continue to work together with the issues successfully and keep to balance your own karma.


In numerology, there are two types of Karmic numbers–Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons.

Karmic lessons suggest what you have to learn in this lifetime because you didn’t have the chance to experience or experience the classes before. Karmic Lessons are indicated by the numbers (derived from the letters) that are missing in your title. Karmic Debts hold more fat total, while Karmic Lessons are less intense.

Essentially, Karmic Debt number indicates that you’ve got a debt to pay in this life for those actions you performed in a prior life. When you see those numbers show up among the core numbers in your chart, it’s a message that you’re working with problems or infractions from a past life.

When you find a Karmic number, it is telling you that you’ll encounter substantial challenges or difficulties with a particular “topic” in your lifetime. It’ll depend on where it lands on your chart as to what the over-all effect may be. So while this can be viewed as a brutal “uh-oh!” It’s actually really good to know that the struggles you are probably experiencing over and over again can be given a title and a reason for being. It is rather like having charge card debt. You have to opt to forgo that holiday, eating out or buying that expensive car as you’ve got to–instead–use that money to incrementally pay off your credit card. The collections service starts calling. The Repo Man shows up. You get the picture. So when you see a Karmic number, it only indicates that you have a debt to pay. Fortunately, knowing the nature of the debt you’re paying is a bonus and also a favorable thing. As soon as you can name and identify it, you can somehow embrace it and do something about it.

The number 3 in the 13/4 represents innovative energy, expression, and joyfulness that flipped into superficiality, irresponsibility, and using words to hurt others during a previous lifetime. If you’ve got a 13/4 as among your center numbers, realize that you’re now paying for past abuses where taking your share of the workload along with your share of responsibility has been severely abused. As a Karmic amount, the 13 suggests that exerting some concerted effort and digging with some hard work will be an ongoing requirement within this lifetime, especially when it seems “unfair.” The 13/4 is telling you that you’re being asked to track and master the art of positive reflection–and you are able to understand that as thinking before you talk, not being critical and judgmental, and using your words to support and uplift others instead of to tear them down. One of the tasks indicated with the 13/4 has to do with the mastery of psychological self-expression and psychological sensitivity.

In case you’ve got the 13/4 as one of your center numbers, you’ll probably act upon the more destructive tendencies of the number 4 until the lessons have been known, recognized, acted upon, and mastered. Know that–general–you’re being tested to really, truly, profoundly master and embody the positive elements of this amount 4. It’s like you’re being asked to become the “poster child” for the positive elements of the amount 4–including working diligently to obtain goals, creating a systematic way of life, working with and about limitation, and developing a stable and secure existence for others and yourself.

The trick is that it won’t be simple. You’ll get a throw-down in the domain of the lessons of the number 4 and you’ll be called upon to actually work with it at a conscious and consistent method. The course of the amount 4 is just one of slow and continuous process and advancement. It’s stubborn and hardworking, faithful and steady, intelligent and able to build something of lasting value with systems and structures that the 4 is talented at producing. Add the 13 on top of it and it may become clear why you might feel done tired or in–and that regardless how much effort you employ, others always appear to come out before you. Frequently the Karmic 13/4 brings increased levels of the oppositional pull of the number 4 and the matter is always this: You won’t even understand it. Or know it. Meaning, the negative pull might not be apparent to you as your traverse your own path.

With the 13/4, you are also needing to create a strong sense of discipline and use systems and order in all practical matters throughout your lifetime. Understand that the individual that has the 13/4 as one of their core numbers will most likely act upon the more destructive tendencies of this number 4 until the lessons have been known, recognized, acted upon, and mastered. So some of those negative or hard traits That Have to be grappled with may manifest as:


Often the 4 sees things and reacts to life in a really black and white way–with zero room for grey. One of the problems that can make an appearance when you’re working with all the 13/4 is in the domain of blame. The default for the issues the 13/4 experiences could be pushed over into deceiving others (or everything–government, your loved ones( your employer) for the limitations you encounter. This can express as quite dogmatic viewpoints or fanatical levels of rigidity. The 4 is contested with having a rather “know-it-all” approach to life and if the 13/4 is current, this may be more of an obstacle.

Bear in mind that infractions from a previous lifetime resided in twisted expression and so this time round, you’ll be on a very short leash insofar as the requirement which you express and communicate with the utmost clarity, fairness, and compassion. Thus, there may be tendencies toward damaging expression, such as consistent complaining–and damaging others with gossip or sarcasm. There may be a certain degree of behaving in a somewhat stubborn fashion–digging your heels rather than moving or being open to new information or discussion. Frequently the 13/4 can deliver a level of close-mindedness that guaranty frustration and feelings of limitation.


The oppositional pull presents itself with great strength when you are working with all the Karmic 13. Therefore you can be met with issues related to the contrary of your purpose. So instead of forging ahead clearly defined aims and fulfilling those aims with diligence and concerted effort, it’s possible to rather float around without a rudder and never dedicate yourself to taking control of your life or into building the security you would finally thrive on. Instead of being the foundations builder and the systems person, you lack the drive or focus to do what has to be carried out. Instead of taking the path of the person who has ‘er done, you default into “laziness” and in many ways simply won’t devote yourself to settling into the long haul. You can lack clear leadership and find it baffling and frustrating that you aren’t feeling a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Often this manifests as pushing responsibility to other people while feeling a strong sense of entitlement.

If you’re eager to meet your challenge, then you can shift your perspective and look at your obstacles as detours–in case you are able to realize that your aim is actually to unveil the most optimal and positive potential of the number 4, then you are operating at your highest and best. Just know in the get-go that you are going to need to work harder to get there. You won’t think it’s fair. And it probably isn’t fair–however if the Karmic 13 is current, keep in mind that you’ve got this debt to cover and portion of this payment resides in a rockier and harder route. And that could manifest in all sorts of ways. For instance, Donald Trump has a 13/4 Life Path (June 14, 1946 = 6 + 5 + 2 = 13). Interestingly, the remainder of his chart includes all Karmic debt numbers. One may observe that he’s taken on some aspects of the number 4–that the number 4 would be the architect number after all. And you can also see from the exterior he struggles with what could be considered the basic challenges inherent in the 13–superficiality, irresponsibility, and using words to hurt others, along with the innate selfishness indicated by the number 1 in 13.

Her graph contains Master amounts too. Nevertheless we can possibly see how Oprah has many ways embraced and demonstrated that the “greater” qualities of the amount 4–she’s a master teacher, and it has built an empire of products and services which help individuals life better lifestyles on a day-to-day basis. She has also worked long and hard to perfect a certain level of communication, whether through writing, broadcasting hosting, interviewing, or behaving. Surely no one is ideal and we’re all learning as we proceed. We can observe that Oprah’s victory wasn’t served up to her on a silver platter, so to speak. She’s endured a rather arduous journey to attain the things she has accomplished in her life up to now.

Also understand that if this description simply doesn’t seem anything like you (or that you think you are), then possibly you’re at a stage of development and maturity in your life–and also have been working diligently in your private growth and evolution–where you are more in alignment with the constructive elements of the amount 4. If this describes you, then hats off! You’ve been doing your job. The gift you are given by knowing you have a Karmic Debt to cover is this: Rather than feeling victimized, you can see this is something that you caused yourselfin spite of the fact that you can’t remember it. In a shameful manner, instead in a mindful manner where you take responsibility for yourself. If you employ the power and dedication to working in the positive realm of the number 4, then you’ll reap the benefits. The Karmic Debt may feel rather grueling and somewhat unfair. You must undergo an intense reconstruction or regeneration process in order to come to terms with and clear your Karmic slate.

Dealing with the Karmic Number 13 intensifies the issues that relate to the number 4. It’s not easy. It takes concerted effort and focused commitment. It’s analyzing you and requiring that you just simply inhale how that you work with limit, process, systems building, hard work, and setting foundations in life. It needs that you describe and clean up the way you express yourself on every level. The damaging path might feel more “comfortable” since you’ve been there, done that. This time, you’re being asked to extract yourself by riding at that same rut in the road–you’re required to make a new method of working with those themes which have favorable consequences for you and everybody else about you.

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