Chinese Astrology Explained

Have you been confused about the meanings of Chinese astrology? Would you like to know more about this 5000-year-old art?

Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar. As with astrology from different cultures, a horoscope is made using the job of the stars and planets for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac based on the entire year of birth.


Rats are enchanting and appealing to the opposite gender. But despite external appearances, they are restless and this sometimes comes across as aggressiveness. Rats are great with cash and want to pounce on an opportunity. They’re also very generous to their friends. They love people and large parties and always have many others around. In addition, they run in many intimate circles and want to be involved in everything they can, leading them to sometimes try to do too much. They’re great writers and speakers, and success comes easily to them.


Oxen are composed on the outside but have hidden tempers. They are hard workers and are determined to the point of stubbornness. However, this makes them among the most reliable indications. They are trustworthy, and readily move up in the workplace. When they don’t see, they might not have much of a social life. They are not very adept at mind games, and can on occasion be led astray in love. But as soon as they find someone, they are steadfast and faithful.


Tigers are energetic and unpredictable. Their wild side leads them to become the middle of attention. They speak their mind and are always looking for the new party or next great idea. They are also very involved in providing their time and money to the causes they are passionate about. They’re generous and honest. However, they are also rebels. They are emotional and impulsive, prone to romance as well as jealousy.


Rabbits are gracious and tender. They love silent and peacefulness and favor a good book to your night on the town. Their sensitivity can result in moodiness, but normally rabbits are excellent at keeping the peace. While they are quiet on the outside, rabbits are great at finding deals. They are sweet and will talk folks into being on their side of a problem without argument. While they’re cautious, they can also be friendly and inviting after they feel secure.


Dragons have passion. They’re perfectionists and are extremely demanding of both themselves and others. They intimidate those who disagree with them, although they’re extremely loyal to their buddies. They believe themselves to be powerful and loveable, and they strive to motivate everyone to live up to their standards.


Snakes are cryptic, frequently charming the opposite gender. They can be graceful and are inclined towards all things cultural and grand. They are personal tend to look inward for their self-esteem, and therefore are superstitious about everything. They aren’t penny-pinchers, but always have cash available. Snakes are jealous when they find a lover, and will turn cold almost on a whim.


Horses are generally friendly. They love being the middle of attention and will keep others enthralled with their quick wit. However, they’ve malleable alliances, also will have many short-lived romances and friendships. They take pleasure in the shift and lead lives filled with adventure. They don’t like being tied down and enjoy exercising and spending time outside. They do not like sticking to a plan, and will frequently take on too much. They are sometimes impatient with others that they perceive as proceeding too slowly.


Sheep are peaceful men and women. They empathize with others’ pain and are easy to talk to. They do not like to rush and will break if forced. They don’t like harsh words and like to be led gently. While they’re passive, they are also individual, and they generally eventually get their way. They always remember their friends and families and provide thoughtful presents. They frequently worry about what others believe, and often too spend a lot of.


Monkeys are intuitive and smart. They are hands-on problem solvers and a great deal of self-confidence. They enjoy succeeding at difficult tasks and don’t have to be talked into trying one. The origin of the success is their great memory. They don’t usually have many friends, but their achievement does attract them.


They’re perfectionists and dreamers in precisely the same moment. Quick to see detail, they always love a challenge, especially if at first glance it looks hopeless. They also tend to step in and try to solve others’ problems, whether they have been encouraged to do so. They prefer to always stay busy and will operate for whatever they have their eye on.


They are extremely family-oriented and are incredibly loyal to their buddies. They’ll fight for a cause they believe is just. They are not comfortable with extravagant wealth and prefer a loving home regardless of social status. As soon as you befriend a dog, they will be by your side. They are monogamous and tend to choose their lovers wisely. They work hard and play hard, and know when it’s appropriate to do one or another. They’re good providers to those they love.


Pigs love a social life. They have many friends and tend to stay out of heated conversations and all sorts of debates. It’s not that they don’t have a notion; they simply love to party and don’t want to risk ruining the fun. They’re good listeners, but are sometimes gullible and can be taken advantage of readily. This can sometimes harm them. They are trustworthy and trusted, and stick by their buddies. They’re generous to those they care about.

The Five Elements

There’s a different layer of Chinese astrology that is not as well known that the Chinese indications. Chinese astrologers use a 60-year cycle, made up of five collections of the twelve signs. The five repetitions of these signals each correspond to a different component, adding more intricacy into the animal.

In Chinese astrology, the components are part of a cycle; one isn’t better or higher than another. In fact, they have a cyclical relationship, both in negative and positive ways, so this:

  • Water makes Wood
  • Wood Makes Fire
  • Fire makes Earth
  • Earth makes Metal
  • Metal makes Water


  • Water destroys Fire
  • Fire destroys Metal
  • Metal destroys Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth
  • Earth destroys Water

In addition, they can be publicly aggressive and hostile:

  • Water resists Fire
  • Fire resists Metal
  • Metal resists Wood
  • Wood resists Earth
  • Earth resists Water

So now you know the basics of Chinese Astrology. Enjoy researching your Chinese sign!

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