Cafe Astrology Zodiac Birth Chart

Astrology & Interior Design
by Kita Marie Williams

Astrology & Interior Design is an eBook that explores supposed design and decor preferences for each zodiac sign. It also has step by step instructions to help you discover your rising sign, and other important birth chart attributes that influence your style.

The Zodiac Recipe
by Jacquelyn Wiersma

A simple and fun reference guide that offers up delicious self-insight options from historical and modern tools such as astrology, numerology, personality profiles and more.

Sydney Omarr’s Day-by-Day Astrological Guide for the Year 2012: Virgo
by Trish MacGregor, Rob MacGregor

These expert forecasts for 2012 offer valuable insights about the past and extraordinary predictions for the future:

-What to expect from relationships with family and partners
-New career opportunities for success in the future
-Lucky days for every month of the year
-And much more!

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